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Project Sample 1
Click the button to download a project that I completed for the class THE504: Special Topics- Theatre and Film of the Holocaust. For my final project, I did a video diary exploring the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.. I had never been to this museum before, and to say this was an overwhelming experience would be an understatement. I learn best by “doing”. This project allowed me to be immersed in the topic we were studying. It was a full sensory experience for me. This museum was very tactfully done in the way that it honored the victims of this tragedy. When I got home, I had over four hours of video and hundreds of photos. I did my best to combine and edit the most impactful moments from this experience into the final project video. After taking the class and reading the plays, watching films, and discussing them in class, this project was such an excellent way for me to tie all of the classwork together. 
Project Sample 2
This project was from THE504: Special Topics- Anton Checkhov. For this assignment, I completed a PowerPoint presentation depicting my vision for costume designs for Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. For the project, I found photos of examples of how I would want the costumes to look if I were directing or designing this show. In designing, it is important to take into consideration the seven basic elements of design: Color, shape, line, form, space, texture, and value. I have listed the pieces I would try to use. When possible the photos have been altered to be close to the colors that I would want the costumes. I have also listed each costume piece’s photo website, not to order the pieces from the website, but to give credit to where I got each photo. The clothing pictured in the photos would be in a “best case scenario” situation. If I could have exactly what was pictured, I would be very happy. These items, colors, specific styles, etc. may have to slightly change based on the materials, funds, actor, and labor that would be available. Completing this project allowed me to delve into not only the time period, but the specific styles, personalities, and happenings of each character in the play. When designing costumes, it is important to consider all of these things because many times the costume gives the audience their first impression of the character—even before they speak.
Project Sample 3
In one of the first classes I took in my MFA Master's Program,   THE504- Special Topics: the Plays of Carol Churchill and Sarah Ruhl, I did a production design proposal with the vision I had for the play Clean House by Sarah Ruhl.  This is a presentation that I could use with my production team if I were directing this show. It gives a glimpse into the direction I would like to see the production go.
Sample 3
Project Sample 4

My 7th grade Stagecraft class was working on costume design. For their final costuming project, they had to design and build a costume for “Barbie”. The costume had to represent a controversial topic that is in society today. The representation could either be very abstract or very literal.

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