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"I can no other answer make but thanks, / And thanks; and ever thanks;"

~ Twelfth Night, Or What You Will  (III. iii. 1503-1504)

The following are examples of appreciation and recognition I have received for the work I have done. 

Close friends of Mr. Richard M. Sherman contacted him to express their awe about the calibur and professionalism of my production of Mary Poppins, he sent a personal e-mail congratulating me on my success. He also asked his friends to request two copies of the show's program-- one that he wanted to sign, and one signed by myself for him to keep with his personal collection.


After contacting Mr. Lin Manuel Miranda regarding a theatrical experience for my Crashbox Theatre Troupe, he sent me a personal message wishing my Crashbox Troupe the absolute best for our Performance at

Walt Disney World.

IMG_8098 2.jpg

After my Crashbox Theatre Troupe performed a song from KINKY BOOTS for the first ever Mid-Shore PRIDE, Billy Porter shared a clip of my group's performance to his Instagram Story.


A heartfelt thank you from a 6th Grade student who experienced a

Theatre Class for the first time.

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